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Big Market from EU - Balkan


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Are you traveling?

Find a transport. Many people travel back to their homeland with empty cars. Using our platform you can travel together.



You have empty seats?

Offer transport to other people. Travel together back to your homeland and make travel easier.

Sending goods?

You want to send goods to your family in father land? Find someone who can that for you!

Health tourism

You want perfect smile but dental services in your country are expensive? Let us find you good dentists who can help you and during that time wisit nice places.


Need transport to airport?

You need transport to airport or bus station? Find transport on our platform and make your transportation easy!

Buying real estate?

You want to buy a house, a flat or land in your father land? You can find it all here or put an ad asking for such property!





Latest News

Jul 12

Buy real estate

Buying real estate in your father country have never been easier!

Jun 01

Perfect smile

Find the dentist in your homeland, and make your smile great again!

Apr 15

Sending goods

Sending goods to your homeland fast and easy with Conmisi.

Apr 08

Travel together

Travel together back to your homeland, easy and safe!

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    Big Market from EU - Balkan
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InfinityMarket MultiPurpose Script is a multi-solution product made with simplicity in mind so you can benefit as much as possible from it.

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